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A Fun & Engaging Method for your child to enjoy learning Maths

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What is SoroTouch?

SoroTouch is the latest Abacus Method Mental Calculation EdTech developed in Japan. It is an iPad app designed to teach kids independently.


SoroTouch uses a game format which makes learning fun & enjoyable. Students will need to complete at least one ‘mission’ daily to achieve a high level of Mental Calculation in 2 years.

Learn Independently at Home

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At home, students and parents have 24/7 access to SoroTouch on their iPad. Hence, we encourage students to spend at least 15 minutes daily learning SoroTouch. This regular rate of learning will develop their mental calculation ability more effectively.

Interactive Classroom Experience

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In the SoroTouch Classroom, we use a flipped classroom method where every student actively participates in class. This gradually build students' confidence as they have the opportunity to show what they have learnt to their classmates and friends in every class.


Screenshot of SoroTouch interface. The main learning materials for SoroTouch are presented as daily "missions".


We created a storyline where students start in Japan, then travel the world and beyond through 720 missions.

Fun & Interactive WEB Classroom Experience

- Experience a new and engaging way of learning mathematics 

   from your HOME

- An interactive WEB classroom environment that students love

- Latest developed Education Technology from Japan replaced the traditional abacus method 

- Significantly improved mental calculation success rate 

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